I have worked with photography in many different capacities: as a newspaper photographer; a writer; an educator; a curator; in the development of a web publication.

I make pictures every day.  I try to understand what my pictures have to say to one another, and to me.  Some of these conversations become projects but most remain the continuation of threads of thoughts, relationships, and acts of recognition.

In my photography I draw attention to the world that we have made and how we exist within it.   "Skin of the Earth" is about the material legacy of our society, and addresses our relationship with our surroundings both descriptively and metaphorically.  "Dazzleships," plays with the relationship between the visual structure of cities and the social structures that inform them.  

On this website there are also some galleries showing older work.  These projects have to do with moments in relation to history and they are here in the spirit of recognizing how quickly "now" becomes "then".

Here is a sampler of photography showing work that falls outside of projects.

I currently write a monthly review for Fraction Magazine.  I'm grateful for this opportunity to articulate my reactions to both contemporary and historical photography.  Please check out Fraction Magazine, not only for my reviews but also to see the portfolios that are showcased each month.

I live in Toronto, but I am frequently in my hometown, Pittsburgh.   I'm alway interested in meeting photographers and hearing about projects.  Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in collaboration or if you are interested in a photography or writing commission or have an assignment.  I would love to hear from you if you allowed me to take your picture, or if you would just like to say hello.

- Leo Hsu




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