Kops Records Bloor Street Last Days, Toronto, 2018 from On Garrison Creek

See my notes on imagining the ongoing influence of the underground "lost river," the Garrison Creek: instagram.com/mudlarkingonthegarrison


I wrote some Notes on the work of Michael Wolf, a photographer who I admire, and who passed away in April. (Fraction, June 2019)

Find a series of pictures that I made for _ _ _ _ _ _, a group show curated by Brett Yasko, at Space Gallery, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, May 31–August 4, 2019

See Molly Berntsen’s Marchand Neighbors in the Atwood Window Gallery, 251 Atwood Street (June 2019)

I interviewed Matt Eich and Jared Soares about their collaborative flipbook Days Before / Days After (Zatara) in the May Fraction (May 2019)

Silver Eye’s inaugural Radial Survey showcases outstanding work by photographers living and working within a 300 mile radius of Pittsburgh. April 4- May 25, 2019. I wrote the exhibition essay which can be read at here.

Check out my review of Phantom Power (Daylight) by Barbara Diener (February 2019)







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