Kops Records Bloor Street Last Days, Toronto, 2018 from On Garrison Creek

See my notes on imagining the ongoing influence of the underground "lost river," the Garrison Creek: instagram.com/mudlarkingonthegarrison


I interviewed Matt Eich and Jared Soares about their collaborative flipbook Days Before / Days After (Zatara) in the May Fraction (May 2019)

Silver Eye’s inaugural Radial Survey showcases outstanding work by photographers living and working within a 300 mile radius of Pittsburgh. April 4- May 25, 2019. I wrote the exhibition essay which can be read at here.

Check out my review of Phantom Power (Daylight) by Barbara Diener (February 2019)

See Heidi Asmussen’s music-themed paintings in the Atwood Window Gallery, 251 Atwood Street (January 2019)

New course: Photographing America Spring 2019

Read my Fraction review of Beyond the Shadows: The Holocaust and the Danish Exception (Aperture) by Judith Glickman Lauder (January 2019)

I reviewed Caleb Cain Marcus’ A brief movement after death (Damiani) for Fraction (November 2018)







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