Bickford Park, Toronto, 2016 from On Garrison Creek

These are my notes on my neighborhood, imagining the ongoing influence of the underground "lost river," the Garrison Creek:


My review of the Roger Ballen retrospective Ballenesque appears in the 10th anniversary issue of Fraction.

Work from On Garrison Creek was shown for the first time at flotillafotilla's popup show, "The GROUND"  on April 14, 2018.  Thank you flotillaflotilla.

The Silver Eye Center for Photography Benefit Auction is on May 19.  Preview Party is April 28.  Go see the pieces that so many talented photographers have donated to support this great organization that was so important to me as a teenager learning about photography in Pittsburgh, that I continue to cherish today.

Angelo Michael Maggio's paintings are on display in the Atwood WIndow Gallery, 251 Atwood Street.  Have lunch at Spice Island and check it out!  IG @atwoodwindowgallery

My review of Lauren Pond's Test of Faith: Signs, Serpents, Salvation is in the April Fraction.  Lauren Pond is the winner of the 2016 CDS/ Honickman First Book Prize in Photography.

Currently teaching: "Reading Pictures/ Writing Photography" at Carnegie Mellon University.  I'm teaching in A20A. It's fine but as a space, A19C was more interesting.

Here's my review of Don Weber's War Sand in the March Fraction.

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